Our story

What is Quickshoelace?

It's an elastic lace that doesn't need to tie, you just strech it and clip it. On one end of the lace is a ring that you just clip on the metal pieces. All the parts are replaceable and can be disassembled very quickly. Because of elastic material it fits smoothly on shoes.

Who should have it?

Because of its simplicity it can be used for every generation, especially for kids and young folks. It fits on every shoe with holes and it comes in all colors you can imagine, so it can be styled with anything. Because of the metal parts that have a modern look and are made for new fashion age, it's more than just a lace.


The story started three years ago in december 2014 while sketching a shoe. There was a lot of brainstorming and questions, like is it necessariy to change shoes, why not just change the shoelace?! Then we came up with an idea of elastic shoelace that you just clip on metal parts. First product, was made from wire and key rings. Then it took almost 2 years of polishing the idea and makeing it as much comfortable as we can. The main part, idea, brainstorming and design was made by Slovenian designer Knez David who also patented the idea.


This product has a lot of potential and further development possibilities, so we have alreadyprepared some upgrades for the future. The design will be more fashion oriented, that means that all the parts will get special shapes and it's unique look. We want this shoelace to become a fashion must have item that will give your look an edge like a piece of jewerly would.

There is a lot of potential in this idea left so we have already prepared some upgrades for future. Design will go more in fashion way, that means that all the parts will get special shapes and it's unique look. We want to achieve that this became one of the fashion piece who will change your look everyday like jewelry (bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces..)We think that a designer piece like this should be sold in accessory stores. We are ready to cooperate with everyone who likes our product under this terms.